Introducing The Ultimate Recipe Book For The Paleo Diet.

1000paleorecipes_trnsThe 1000 Paleo Recipes collection was created out of a need for a comprehensive resource of 100% healthy and delicious paleo recipes that is practical enough for today’s modern day paleo dieters. As the largest collection of paleo recipes on the planet, these recipes will allow you to easily make amazing dishes that will keep your
tastebuds happy and your health thriving.

For many people, transitioning to a paleo diet can be difficult as it can be a drastic change from the standard diet of today. The adventure of creating this incredible collection was undertaken by the team at Paleovalley, with the goal of creating the most extensive recipe resource for those seeking to improve their overall health through the paleo diet.

As a co-founder of Paleovalley, and someone who lost 35 pounds within just a few months on the paleo diet, Matt Smith set out to use his chops in the kitchen to create recipes that would make people excited about eating truly healthy, nutrient-dense foods. Matt, his brother Chas, and Chas’ wife Autumn travelled across the United States and Europe together where much of the inspiration for the paleo recipes found in the collection was born.

All three have seen amazing personal results in themselves, their families, and their friends after “going paleo” and their passion is to share their knowledge with the world. Teaming with another friend and paleo enthusiast, Matthew Sobotka, the group formed Paleovalley with the goal of spreading awareness about the paleo diet and making it an easier transition for even the busiest person.

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The creation of the 1000 Paleo Recipes collection took nearly a year, included many long days, and required a lot of creativity and imagination. Every single recipe is healthy, 100% paleo friendly, nutrient-dense, and absolutely delicious. In fact, you’ll find many of your favorite dishes inside the collection only with a paleo twist, making it truly healthy.

Our goal at Paleovalley is to help change the lives of 100 million people. We realize this is a lofty goal but our passion is to help reverse the negative health trend and rising obesity rates and make the future brighter for you and your family. And we will not stop until we have helped as many as we can.

One thing you can expect from us, is that you will only get ideas, recipes, and information that we heed and practice ourselves. Our discoveries are your discoveries, our information is your information, our health is your health, and we are all on this planet together with only one life to live and make the most of…we hope you come along for the ride with us.


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